WarpLab Support

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About Warplab

WarpLAB is a finite element (FE) post-processing application that is specially designed to post-process warping problems. Besides common features found in many other FE post-process applications, such as generating surface plots, isosurface plots, plane cuts, and many more, it also has a unique set of features to analyze the images that are required to run a warping problem. A short list of features supported in the current version:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Command Line Interface
  • Command Line Calculator
  • Diverse plotting modes for visualization
  • Image processing
  • Volume rendering

The GUI of WarpLAB allows the user to interact with the FE model in an easy and intuitive manner. For the more advanced user WarpLAB also offers a command line alternative. WarpLAB runs on Windows XP, LINUX and Mac OSX. In order to run WarpLAB a memory size of at least 512 Mb is recommended. Some larger models might require even more memory. A processor of at least 1 GHz is also recommended. The computer’s graphics card must support OpenGL, since the application makes extensive use of this 3D library.