This is a repository for software packages that we have developed during the course of our research and are providing to the community free of charge. If you need software support, please visit the software forums or contact the software developer indicated for each package.

Hip Data

It is difficult to obtain high resolution image data of human diarthrodial joints. Therefore, we have made CT arthrogram image datasets available from the subjects included in our finite element analysis of cartilage contact stresses [...]


The FEBio Software has graduated to it’s own website! You can find all the info and downloads at


WinFiber3D is a program that allows you to visualize MicroVisu3D files. It also allows you to perform some statistics on the vessel distribution, such as measure angles, segment lengths, vessel lengths,


This Windows program allows the user to investigate different distributions of dermatan sulfate GAGs in a network of collagen fibrils, and to interactively visualize the effects of changing various geometric parameters.


WarpLAB is a post-processor designed for viewing the warping output files. With WarpLAB you can make surface plots, isosurface plots, plane cuts, analyze displacements, strains, stresses, .... It also contains tools to analyze the warped image files.


AngioFE is a plug-in feature for FEBio that simulates the mechanical regulation of angiogenesis, the process by which new blood vessels sprout and grow from existing vasculature. During angiogenesis, neovessel sprouts apply traction, deforming [...]

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