Research in the Weiss Biomechanics Lab has historically focused on the biomechanics and healing of musculoskeletal soft tissues, in particular the ligaments of the knee. Over the past twenty years, the research focus has widened considerably to include hard tissue as well as cardiovascular tissues including the heart, coronary arteries and smaller vessels involved in angiogenesis. Currently, the laboratory  researches a number of areas with an annual research budget of over $1 million. A central theme of our approach to research is the use of multidisciplinary techniques. A primary asset of the Weiss Biomechanics Lab continues to be the combination of both experimental and computational techniques, especially in the area of biomechanics, to address research questions that would be impossible to investigate using approaches in a single technical discipline.

Mission Statement

Contribute to basic science understanding of biological soft and hard tissues in the context of injury, disease and healing.


Experimental – Biomechanics, histology, cell/tissue culture, molecular biology
Computational – Based on principles of continuum and computational mechanics, using both in vivo and in vitro models

Examples Of Ongoing And Completed Research

Research projects are constantly evolving. The links to the left provide an overview of some of the major areas of research emphasis on the laboratory, although they are not inclusive.