Wet Lab 3 (MEB 2473, 700 sq ft) is dedicated to materials testing and characterization as well as analysis of whole joint kinematics. Lab 2 equipment includes A/D hardware/software, PC computers, Qualisys high-resolution motion analysis system with 1 camera, Spicatek Digitial Motion analysis system with 3 cameras and high-magnification optics, Polhemus electromagnetic digitizer, two eight-channel Measurements Group signal conditioner/amplifiers, active filters, power supplies, A/D equipment, force, pressure and strain transducers with appropriate circuitry, and an assortment of PC- and UNIX-based engineering software. A custom-built high resolution (0.3 microns) mini-materials test machine is used for material characterization including tensile, compressive and shear testing. A custom-built multiaxial materials test machine provides independent control of torsional and axial actuators for kinematic testing of joints.

Wet Lab 3